When she’s pretty, but her skirt is torn, ordinary people are embarrassed, let alone the stars. When it comes to the embarrassing dress tearing incident, anyone who has been following this year’s Grammys will know that Taylor Swift is the beauty in this situation. Because the flower dress she wore “Xu ca na” was torn right under her armpit, making everyone want to “stand still” for her.

In this moment, Taylor Swift is still fine, the flower dress is still healthy!

- Photo 1.

The left angle doesn’t seem to be a problem either…

…but point the camera to the right, have you seen anything? The armpit part of the flower dress is torn in a big clear patch!

- Photo 3.

If this is a cheap dress, then stop it, the background of the dress is not ordinary. It is a design in the Fall/Winter 2021 collection of the Oscar de la Renta brand.

Taylor Swift’s dress is also a ready-made item just for her, so it is a little different from the model’s dress. And its price is not cheap at all, about 207 million.

But the “coin”, the dress made Taylor Swift receive many criticisms, but at the last minute, it was torn to make her beautiful suddenly … less charming and lost more points.

The exact reason why the dress was torn, only Taylor knows. But a lot of netizens speculated that because Taylor was too “sweet”, the hundred million skirt was also broken as usual.

- Photo 6.

Even though the dress was torn, Taylor still enthusiastically congratulated her colleagues

But it’s not just Taylor with the “hot” dress tear at the 2021 Grammys. Because before that, many beauties also encountered this problem. It’s true that the skirt is torn, no one wants to open it, but if it’s unlucky, you can accept it, if you don’t, you have to bear it!

Like Cardi B in a powerful choreography once made the outfit torn right “at the table” and “headache”. The case of the female rapper is an example of wearing a super tight dress, you should limit strong movements or there will be a sad ending.

- Photo 7.

Nicki Minaj also had her outfit torn while performing. This incident made her have to sing while holding onto her outfit to avoid revealing.