Taylor pauses live show to protect a female fan – honorable act

Taylor pauses live show to protect a female fan – honorable act

Taylor Swift stopped singing “Bad Blood” to help fans escape conflicts with security forces at The Eras Tour show, Philadelphia, on May 14.

According to People , midway into the chorus of Bad Blood , Swift stopped singing when she noticed tension under the stage. She pointed down at the audience area and told security forces: “Stop it, don’t do that. She did nothing wrong.”

Twitter account @cheyenne, a fan present at the event said: “The security guards kept pushing us away from the barricade instead of telling us. They were really aggressive even though they were. I don’t do anything excessive like throwing things or screaming.” The fan-recorded video attracted a lot of attention on TikTok, mostly praising Swift’s interest in fans.

On the same day, a TikTok account named Caitlin Gabel confirmed that he was the one who had a conflict with security forces. In the post, Gabel said security staff kept bothering her and her group of friends while they enjoyed the performance. “Taylor noticed he was harassing us and she didn’t like it. As a result, the employee was transferred to another area. The organizers then gave us free tickets,” Gabel said.

At the show in Philadelphia on May 12, Swift also attracted attention when sending greetings to Inez and James – the two children of close friend actor Blake Lively and actor Ryan Reynolds. Singer Blank Space said that in the process of composing the album Folklore , she wanted to create different characters and used the names of Lively’s three children, Betty, James and Inez to create those characters. At the end of the night, Swift held James’s hand and said goodbye to the audience.

The Eras Tour is Swift’s sixth concert tour to promote all of her releases, including her latest album Midnights (2022). The 33-year-old singer describes The Eras Tour as “a journey through my musical eras”. The tour began in Glendale, Arizona on March 17 and ended in Inglewood, California on August 9, including 27 concerts and traveling through 20 cities across the United States.

Swift at the first night of The Eras Tour at AT&T Stadium, Texas.  Photo: AFP

Swift at the first night of The Eras Tour at AT&T Stadium, Texas. Photo: AFP

Taylor Swift is an American singer-songwriter, who rose to prominence through country music in 2006. After 10 albums, Swift received 12 Grammy Awards and 29 Billboard Awards. Her history is also of interest to the audience. After breaking up with boyfriend Joe Alwyn in April, she was recently seen holding hands with singer Matty Healy at a restaurant in New York on May 11, according to Page Six . Currently, the two have not spoken about their relationship.


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