Exploring My Times: A Journey Through Eras

Exploring My Times: A Journey Through Eras


Only on the first night of The Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona, 69,000 people attended. This number has helped Taylor Swift become the female artist with the highest opening concert audience in US history, breaking the record held by Madonna for the past 36 years. Previously, the “Queen of Pop” made a splash when she hosted the Who’s That Girl World Tour in 1987 with nearly 63,000 participants at Anaheim Stadium. 

It can be said that there are many factors contributing to Taylor Swift’s achievement this time, one of which is the singer’s masterful performance and the understanding of fans when she knows they are expecting. What to expect from your show? During nearly three hours of the night, songs in 10 eras representing Taylor’s remarkable career stages resounded to the excitement and joy of tens of thousands of spectators. 

taylor swift performing on the eras tour

From images of carnival-like sails, Taylor appeared gorgeous in a pink swimsuit and performed six songs with her trademark guitar. Opening with Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince , followed by Cruel Summer , the choice of the Lover era to start the series was no accident. Look back to the summer of 2020 when Cruel Summer was scheduled to be released as a single and also as the opening track for the Lover Fest series to promote the 7th studio album. However, the pandemic has changed everything. second, leading to Lover and then two folklore albums and evermoreno tour of its own. Therefore, The Eras Tour can also be considered as a series of shows dedicated to Taylor Swift’s latest 4 eras after many years she could not satisfy fans with epic tours. 

talor swift evermore

Photo: Teen Vogue

Also on the stage of Eras Tour, the audience first witnessed the songs from the evermore album being put on the big stage. Released not long after folklore , and also having many similarities in terms of material with this album, evermore is not performed often nor is Taylor Swift mentioned as much as “sister” folklore , which makes Fans often joke that this is an “abandoned album”. However, Taylor Swift next to the moss-covered piano humorously affirmed that evermore is her favorite child, and then, 5 songs on this album, including the opening single Willow, sounded, clearing all doubts of the fans. Strolling in a golden dress against a landscape of coniferous forests, Taylor seemed to be walking in her own fairy tale, singing melodious songs that are now legendary. 

Listening and understanding is the thread connecting Taylor and fans firmly for two decades. Although the concert ticket fever made the ticket booking process difficult, the number of spectators attending The Eras Tour still reached a record number, proving the public’s love for Taylor Swift and her music. has never diminished, also a testament to the female singer’s musical genius since the first days of entering the challenging music industry. 


Folklore is probably the album with the most songs performed at The Ears Tour with up to 7 songs and Taylor performed with completely new colors. In a dress reminiscent of the wild and free Florence Welch from the group Florence+the Machine, the singer performed cardigan , august , invisible strings … in a natural, gentle and fluid way. In the context of a dreamy wooden house, Taylor Swift has recreated folklore with a peaceful space and quiet moments, like a quiet space after previous exciting performances. 

Taylor Swift performing folklore

Taylor performs songs from the folklore album (Image: ELLE)

During the performance of The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift skillfully balanced the atmosphere between songs on albums representing different periods. Following the lullaby lullabies of folklore , Taylor brought back to the stage the bustling atmosphere of two prominent eras – 1989 and Midnights . Dressed in sequins and gems in a mini dress, Taylor strode confidently to re-enact the pop classics that rocked the music scene in 2014.

In addition to the brilliant background, sound, and light… Taylor and her team created impressive transitions. For example, before starting to perform songs on the Midnights album, Taylor jumped into a dark part of the stage like jumping into a lake, and then followed by the image of the female singer swimming gracefully. freely anti-war on the catwalk, creating the feeling that she is really immersed in the water. This effect has made the audience attending the show surprised and excited. In addition, this stage also marks the first time that Midnights synth-pop songs have been performed, while Taylor previously performed these songs only at HAIM and the 1975 show. 


If the songs on recent albums satisfy fans with spectacular stage techniques, professional choreography or vibrant harmony, then the first albums in Taylor Swift’s career give audiences the opportunity to relive the clear, dreamlike memories of the “country music princess”. In the performances of songs from the album Fearless , Taylor wore a yellow dress with tassels and turtleneck boots, recreating the image of an innocent girl from the early years of her career in Nashville. Three hits Fearless , You Belong With Me and Love Storyseemed to bring them back to a distant time, where teenage boys and girls waited for songs to be played on the radio, waiting for the clear voice of young Taylor Swift to soothe and comfort their souls. 


Photo: Who Magazine

In two decades with music, Taylor still maintains the form with fiery performances. That is proven through the performance of songs in the album eputation , when the sound of high heels and the image of “king snake” constantly appear on the stage. In a tight black and red outfit with a snake pattern running on one side of the body and a unique make-up style with red lipstick and bold eyeliner, Taylor Swift has made fans extremely excited. 

taylor swift repuutation

Taylor Swift performs songs in Reputation

Although the female singer once held a separate tour for the album  eputation , the image of Taylor Swift when performing the songs on this album at The Eras Tour still impressed the audience. Performing 4 hits… Ready For It? Look What You Made Me Do , Delicate and ending with a highnote sequence in Don’t Blame Me , Taylor Swift has proven her outstanding live singing ability has improved over the years. 

Although it took 3 hours with 10 albums to be recreated on stage, The Eras Tour was still not enough time to cover all the songs during Taylor Swift’s career. This is also a pity when fans want to hear more songs from their favorite albums. With the debut album Taylor Swift or Speak Now , only 1 song in these albums was performed by Taylor on stage. However, this can be seen as a signal that Taylor is planning to re-record these albums under the Taylor’s version label in the coming years. 

taylor speak now

Commenting on the first night of The Eras Tour, major newspapers have not spared the praise for Taylor Swift and her performance. While The Times gave it 5 stars with the comment “Queen Of Pop has regained its throne”, The Telegraph also called it “a truly epic comeback”. The Eras Tour is not only a series of monumental shows that satisfy fans’ expectations over the years, but also an event that proves Taylor Swift’s lasting charm and the female singer’s position on the music map. world music.  


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