The Kind Buffalo Saves The Zebra From The Pain Of A Lion Getting Inside From Its Ass.

The savannas in Africa are home to many unique species of mammals. The battles of animals in the wild are always an endless theme. Animals always have to fight to protect themselves and their fellow humans. Not only that, but sometimes weak species can also defend each other against brutal hunters. Two of the creatures that everyone knows from this part of the world are the lion and the zebra. At first glance, parting the fight between lions and zebras may seem like a pointless mental exercise. Lions eat zebras all the time, right? However, that’s not how things work out in the wild.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Lion and a Zebra?

A Fight Between a Lion and a Zebra

A lion will win the fight against a zebra. While that’s not a surprise, lions don’t always win these fights. Most of the time, lions attack in groups to take down large prey. They ambushed a zebra and used their strength and aggression to bring it to the ground. A lion can ambush a zebra and kill it with a single bite to the neck like many other big cats.

Ambushed a zebra and used their strength and aggression to bring it to the ground

The lion must get close enough to the zebra to strike multiple times to destroy the larger creature. Of course, lions are more than capable of doing this, but with a single kick, a zebra can knock a lion unconscious.
The only thing is that zebras don’t really have the instinct to attack and kill lions. They want to run away. So in most cases, a persistent lion will kill a zebra. However, it is not always possible to count zebras. Zebras have been known to be able to knock lions into a pile after landing a favorable kick to the jaw, head or neck.

Lone lioness finishing off a zebra kill with her mouth around the animals throat.

Buffalo protects zebra

In the video, a buffalo can be seen trying to save a zebra from the mouth of the “king of the jungle”.
The big cat began to stalk the prey, the zebra was brought into view. Then it ran after the ignorant zebra and jumped on its back, scratching. The zebra immediately tries to escape the predator’s claws by jumping up and down and swaying as it rushes.

Help become the hunted again

The lion clung to the zebra’s body with its sharp claws and tried not to let the zebra escape.
But there was a “golden moment” and it worked, when the lion was knocked over and the zebra tried to escape.
The big cat tried to run again but this time, it couldn’t hold on and could only watch its supper drifting into the distance.
In the distance one, the lion saw another zebra. It begins to stalk and attack its prey. As unfortunate as last time, the prey this time was actually taken down. The zebra is attacked in the neck by a lion, it can be difficult to escape from the lion. Next to it was a buffalo, it had witnessed all the scenes of lions hunting zebras. Buffalo decided to help this ill-fated zebra. It used its mighty horns to scare the big cat away.

Buffalo seemed to be exhausted. It has become a delicious dinner for the lions

The big cat gave up its prey but it turned to attack the buffalo. Buffalo has turned into the main target of this lion. It bit on the buffalo’s body, it struggled and finally the lion fell. Once, the buffalo was caught in the hunting ring of the lions. This time the buffalo became their dinner. It continuously took turns attacking its prey, after a struggle, the buffalo was completely defeated. The delicious dinner of the lions ended up being this kind buffalo.
Nature still exists and rotates like that. It is the operating law of nature, preserving the life resources of living things
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