Highway Maintenance And Construction Already Has These Amazing Machines

Kutter GmbH

Wirtgen W 210 Cold milling machine / Kaltfräse, Fa. Kutter, L1127, Leutenbach, Germany

Kutter GmbH’s conservation, preservation, and micro-maintenance system. It is an anti-wear and anti-aging treatment for asphalt. A ramp sprayer is used to apply a special product. The product is a gilsonite-based binding agent (natural asphalt). The product seals micro-cracks that allow rainwater to infiltrate. This ᴍᴇᴛʜod extends the asphalt’s life by several years. The special grain is then sprinkled on top to ensure proper adhesion.

Stim Company

Hofmann Roadmarking H33

Stim Kontur 700 TPK road marking machine The machine may be controlled remotely and automatically. Allows you to draw lines ranging in width from 5 to 40 cm in various combinations.


The Ducker DAM 900

Ducker specializes in the design and manufacture of road maintenance equipment, which includes shoulder maintenance. This is the Ducker DAM 900 extending arm lawnmower. For sloping and uneven terrain, a stabilization system is included. Its rotary cutter has a working width of up to 2.10 meters. This is the Ducker Swa LPW sign washing machine. Its rotating waterjet brush cleans any vertical surface. Limiting pillars are cleaned using a double roller. Two jet wash models are included for cleaning asphalt.

Vimpo Road Machines

The Vimpo VCSS400

Vimpo Road Machines chip paving od. For crack sealing and gravel adhesion, bitumen is applied to the region. The Vimpo VCSS400 machine distributes gravel. The strewn gravel is quickly pressed into the bitumen.

In the video below, we’ll look at the Incredible Most Satisfactory Machines and Tools for Road and Highway Construction and Maintenance.
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