Believe This Fishing? Unique Fish Trapping System | Amazing Fish Trap Using Plastic Bottle Zer

Innovations and advances in technology, no matter how small or big the results are, are still fresh ideas that are always welcomed by the world. Over the years, many inventions have changed the way of life of modern society as it is today. Even though they only use used goods, the fish traps they created have been able to amaze people to see them and may trigger other creative ideas.
First of all, just collect plastic bottles that you can find in your environment. Other equipment you will need are scissors, nylon, and bait.
Next, tie the nylon end to the back of the bait (see picture). This will serve as a connector or link between the main instrument and also for the fish.
Then, by burning a piece of wood, you use it to make a hole in the cap of a plastic bottle. Make two holes of the same size. Nylon rope is used to tie between the holes that have been made.
You’ll also need to make a small hole in the back of the plastic bottle. This is where the nylon rope can pass so that it can be connected to all the other plastic bottles. The plastic bottle is now ready. We go to the next process…
The next thing to do is look for sticks, you can make from pieces of tree branches. Shape the stick into an arc shape just above the water.
Then, you can string the plastic bottle to the bow you prepared earlier. Finally, put the worms into the bait to attract fish and leave the location for a few hours. The way to find fish is the same as fishing using a regular fish hook, but here they use a unique method (technological innovation) that is different and of course the results obtained will also be better.
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