Lost In Congo And Hunting Venomous Snakes With The Pygmies

Unlike the bustling modern life, the people of the Pygmies tribe in the Democratic Republic of Congo still hunt with primitive and outdated tools. The man into the forest to hunt with a group of Pygmies. This group is an African Tribe that is known for their short stature, and their hunting ability. Man who accidentally got lost in this village, let’s find out how the people here survive?

Culture of the Pygmies

5,000-year-old hunting culture

Culture of the Pygmies

Still living as an ancient people, the Pygmies spend most of their time hunting deep in the forest and collecting fruits along with herbs. They do not use money and instead use a system of bartering in which they trade their possessions.
These people often change location in a bid to find animals for hunting, and they are armed with wooden or stone arrows, spears and machetes to kill monkeys, antelopes, gazelles and elephants.
Among their main source of food are the wild fruit trees as they consume wild plums known as safou as well as wild mango and nuts on a daily basis.

Living in houses made from Nzon, Mbunde trees

Living in houses made from Nzon, Mbunde trees

The Pygmies reside in houses built from the branches of Nzon and Mbunde trees and broad leaves, which are common in the forest. As they change location quite often, they build these houses in about an hour.
After a day of hunting and collecting fruits, they gather by a bonfire at night and listen to the advice of elders and dance.

Man’s expedition in the green forest

Woman preparing camouflage water

Early in the morning a woman prepared something for today’s hunting camouflage. This camouflage powder was ground from a strange wood with a reddish brown color. It seems to have been worn down and used by a lot of people. The children standing around kept shouting at this amusing sight.

After being dressed up according to the locals, the hunt has really begun. They entered the deep forest, the local man led the way and introduced them to many things about the green forest. The women here block the streams into a dam to catch fish. They started slapping water to catch fish, small shrimp from the other side of the dam. In this forest is full of traps from nature if you do not walk on the branches you can fall into the bogs.

The adventure begins

In an area not far away a group of men had already begun to set up tents out of leaves. This will be where they shelter, eat and rest at night. After the tent was completed, they continued to prepare bows and traps for hunting. The kids seem to have gotten used to this as well.

The women in charge of catching fish

The Congo forest is dark, hiding a lot of danger, but it seems very safe to the indigenous people here. A man among the hunters had reached into a hole, not knowing what awaited him below. After examining it for a while the hole seemed to be quite deep. They made a simple lid for the crater and inserted a piece of burning wire into it. At the other end of the cave other men kept crashing. Looks like they’re waiting for something to show up. A poisonous snake or something, can you guess?


Soon after, fish traps also gradually appeared. They are designed with simple sharpened bamboo branches. The boys put strange water from a tree into their eyes to wash their eyes.


It seemed as though it was getting dark, the small groups assigned earlier began to gather their spoils. They have a long venomous snake that has been cleaned, shrimp, and small fish caught from the stream. All are prepared simply wrapped on the fire and cooked by the temperature of the fire. While waiting for the food to be cooked, the people sat down and sang together after a long tiring day. If you are this guy, are you ready for an adventure like this?

They even caught poisonous snakes
The food is simply cooked
They dance after a long day

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