You Will Be Amazed To Know These Birds

The world is home to 9,993 bird species of endangered,unique and rare birds live worldwide. Rare and unique birds in the World also includes Flightless birds, colorful Toucan, Mandarin duck, Long Tailed Widowbird, Indian Peacock, barn owl, Macaws, Grey Crowned Crane, Secretary bird and the most beautiful Birds of Paradise. There’s a lot to know about birds, from their way of life to the various types. A lot like Pokémon, there are so many different types. Some are big, some are small, some can fly, some can’t. And some? They’re really interesting and different than anything you’ve seen.


The KAKAPO is friendly

The KAKAPO is a very unusual parrot found only in New Zealand. Its Latin name translates to something like “owl-face soft-feather.” It does possess very soft feathers and a prominent facial disc of fine feathers, like an owl. It also sometimes goes by the name of owl parrot or night parrot.
Read on to meet this charming bird, and to understand why New Zealanders are mounting a monumental effort to save it from extinction.
– It’s the world’s only flightless parrot. Even though they can’t fly, they get around. The kakapo has strong legs that make it an excellent hiker and climber.
– Kakapos freeze when startled. One of their defenses is to freeze and hope to blend into the background when danger is near.
– They smell nice.
– They’re friendly: both the Māori and early European settlers kept kakapos as pets.
– They’re possibly one of the longest-lived birds

2. Flightless Cormorant

Flightless Cormorant

These aren’t your typical birds. They may look a little bit funny, but flightless cormorants have a charm all their own.
– Flightless Cormorants Live up to Their Name. Even though they have some scruffy little wings, they are the only cormorants that can’t fly.
– Their Wings Still Have a Purpose. Even though they can’t fly with their wings, flightless cormorants use their stubby little wings for balance when they jump from one rock to another. Flightless cormorant wings don’t produce very much oil so they aren’t waterproof like many birds wings. After a dive in the ocean, the birds need to sit on the rocks with their wings out to dry them out in the sun.
– Eyes Like the Ocean. The flightless cormorant’s eyes turquoise. The reason for these fancy eyes isn’t clear, but they look pretty neat!
– They Don’t Have Predators. Flightless cormorants don’t really have any natural predators. They are threatened by human disturbance and pollution, like oil spills. They are quite fearless of people which can cause them some problems.

3. Sri Lanka Frogmouth

Sri Lanka Frogmouth

This odd cryptic-looking bird is the only one of its family in its range. Rather like a cross between an owl and a nightjar, but note wide mouth and proportionally smaller eyes. Intricately mottled and dappled in shades of gray and brown; males are predominantly gray-brown, while females are rufous-toned. A secretive inhabitant of forests with dense understories, often roosting deep in tangles by day. Vocalizations include a horrible scratchy scream and various cooing notes, often given in series.
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  2. Aw, this was an exceptionally nice post. Spending some time and actual effort to generate a really good article… but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and never manage to get anything done.

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