How Do Venomous Snakes Eat Eggs?

Egg hides something that can’t be seen in daylight. For its sake a whole race of snakes gave up venomous fangs and killing animals lose the most formidable weapon on earth so easily. Nothing in nature just happens not even this. It’s thought to be a way for pelicans to clear their throats, cool themselves or just yawn. People still haven’t figured out why they turn themselves inside out, it’s a little easier with snakes though. Okay you could say they do something similar.

Snake eating an entire egg at once

Southern Brown Egg Eater – Dasypeltis inornata

– Size: Averaging 60-70 cm they may reach around 1.1m
– Colour: Typically varying shades of uniform straw yellow, orange, brown and brick red.
– Habitat: Favouring grasslands, costal bush, savannah and montane grasslands associated with rocky outcrops.
Desi peltus are a unique genus that can’t be confused with any other because the diet of these snakes consists only of eggs and this is one brilliant example of adaptation. Eggs don’t fight back they, don’t run away, you don’t have to wait for them, somewhere in the bushes and strike really fast.

Southern Brown Egg Eater – Dasypeltis inornata

How Do Egg-Eating Snakes Hunt And Eat?

Part of what makes egg-eating snakes so successful is their ability to climb. These snakes are some of the most adept climbers in the world, which allows them to scale rocks and trees with ease. When you pair their climbing ability with their sense of smell, these snakes can quite literally sniff out eggs in distant trees without a problem.
Once they have found an egg, things get really interesting. In order to consume the egg, they begin by wrapping their entire jaws around it and drawing it into their throat. Additionally, egg-eaters don’t have any teeth, allowing them to swallow the egg without any hangups.

Snake coop got a fat neck now

After they have swallowed the egg, another evolutionary adaptation is up next. Egg-eaters push the egg to their stomach using strong muscles and then press it against enamel-capped bony protrusions in their spine. After crushing the egg and squeezing it dry, they regurgitate only the shell. The entire process is remarkably efficient and doesn’t allow any egg nutrients to go to waste.
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