How Did The Monkeys Say Goodbye To The World?

Whales, chimps, dogs – animals seem to suffer when they lose a beloved companion or offspring. Do animals understand de.ath, and do they grieve like humans? Or are we just projecting our understanding on their behavior?

Distraught monkeys mourn de.ath of robotic monkey spying

A group of langur monkeys mourns their dead companion.The grieving primates became attached to a robotic monkey, equipped with a spy cam for the miniseries Spy in the Wild. The eerily realistic robot breaks after one monkey’s babysitting attempts go terribly wrong. The langurs freak out, in much the same way you would if your niece dropped a baby she’d insisted on holding.
The monkeys conclude the robot baby is dead and proceed to gather around it, holding each other tenderly in grief.

Monkeys mourning their adopted robot baby

‘It’s heartbreaking’: Ki.ller whale continues carrying dead calf for ‘unprecedented’ length of mourning

A female orca whale is still apparently grieving her dead calf and still swimming with its body after more than two weeks.
It’s heartbreaking to watch. This kind of behavior is like a period of mourning and has been seen before. What’s extraordinary about this is the length of time.
Corpse were last seen definitively 17 days after the baby’s birth. The female calf died after a few hours. The mother, preventing the body from sinking to the ocean floor, has been carrying it and nudging it toward the surface of the Pacific off the coast of Canada and the northwestern US.

A mother whale carrying her dead calf

Heartbreaking moment penguin mother grieves over frozen body of her dead chick

A penguin mother desperately tried to wake her dead chick – and it will break your heart. Her let out a long mournful squeal, as another female bird tries to comfort her.
The devastated mother even tries to pull her chick in towards her pouch to offer it warmth at one point, but can’t lift the body. More penguins are huddling in a group and protecting their chicks from a blizzard.

Heartbreaking penguin mother grieves over frozen body of her dead chick

A touching story about a cat which says a farewell to his close friend, who di.ed because of cancer

A cat named Big Boy had a loss of her close friend cat Chuey. The cat Chuey suffered from cancer for a long period of time. They shared together the room. They lived together under one roof. They sometimes were in a good relationship. There were misunderstanding between them. There were also many disagreements and quarrels, but though it may seem strange they were justly best friends.
When the cat Chuey passed away, the owners of the cat gave a permission that the cat Big Boy to farewell to her friend. The owners bundled up the cat Chuey in a worn out cover and then gave a permission to the cat Big Boy into the room so she could meet her old close friend last time. The cat Big Boy tries to revive his dead friend.

The cat Big Boy tries to revive his dead friend.

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