The Strongest Children In The World Make Adults Admire Too

It’s easy to compare an adult to a child in terms of being taller and bigger. However, some boys are strong and healthy from an early age. The boys found inspiration, focusing on their ability to beat world records and push themselves to the limit in a small body. The children we are about to introduce will surprise you:

Ryusei Imai

Opening for today’s video is a boy with the nickname Little Bruce Lee, “the successor of Bruce Lee or the master of Kungfu, none other than Ryusei Imai, born in 2010 in Nara, Japan.
This boy is famous since he was 5 years old with his nunchaku dance videos that are exactly like the Chinese Kungfu legend from movements to charisma. It is known that Ryusei watched Bruce from the age of 1 and began to practice martial arts and nunchuk from the age of 4. In addition to his martial arts talent, Ryusei attracted attention when he owned a muscular body, muscular muscles. roll from the age of 6. To achieve such a result, Ryusei had to undergo extremely rigorous training

Since the age of 5, Ryusei Imai (born in 2010, from Nara, Japan) has been dubbed “little Bruce Lee”, “a successor of Bruce Lee” or “kung fu master”.

Not only famous in Japan, “the successor of Bruce Lee” also attracts attention around the world. The boy regularly receives invitations to the hit TV shows of China, Korea, the US and Australia. After years of hard work, now, Ryusei Imai possesses increasingly impressive muscles, making many people admire and admire.

Not only famous in Japan, “Little Bruce” is also known around the world.

Giuliano Stroe

A boy from Romania has set a world record when doing push-ups while his body is not on the ground but balancing on 4 glass bottles. In 2010, after posting a video recording the process of performing many difficult movements such as reverse banana planting, continuous push-ups on the bar, Giuliano became famous. Giuliano also makes fans “fascinated” when he owns a standard 6-pack body and muscular muscles like an athlete. It is known that to own a standard body, Giuliano had to go through an extremely difficult and rigorous training process. Trained since the age of 2, this boy has won many championships and set many new records. Giuliano Stroe has set several Guinness World Records in many categories such as: Fastest push-up without feet on the floor, 90° straight hold, and fastest 10-minute walk with your hands on your feet. For holding many records, breaking and passionate about coaching Giuliano. His father trained him to lift weights for 2 hours a day to stimulate his biceps and chest muscles when he was 6. Currently, Giuliano Stroe’s personal Youtube channel has attracted nearly 600,000 followers. Each clip of the guy receives a large amount of interaction from fans.

Push-ups while his body is not on the ground but balancing on 4 glass bottles

Richard Sandrak

Although not a child anymore, but the remarkable achievements of Richard Sandrak as a child. He took 2nd place in the list of 10 strongest children in the world. Born in Ukraine in 1982, Richard quickly underwent martial arts training when he moved to the United States. At 6 years old, Richard Sandrak was lying down with 82 kg and by the time he was 8 years old, he was able to lift more than 3 times his body weight.

Born in 1992 in Ukraine, Richard Sandrak managed to attract attention as the fittest kid in the world at just eight years old, since his muscular qualities were incredible and made him known all over the planet.

Liam Hoekstra

He quickly outperformed his peers and fell in love with the sport of hockey. While building muscle, which interested people can only dream of, for now, Liam Hoekstra is focusing on learning.
Not long after he was born, Liam Hoekstra’s parents were shocked to notice that something strange was happening to their son. At just 2 months old, baby Liam was able to stand with the help of his parents and at 8 months old, he was able to climb stairs. At the age of 3, young Liam can lift some objects in the house. Unlike children at the age of 3, Liam’s body does not seem fat, but on the contrary is muscular like a real athlete. Doctors quickly realized that baby Liam was suffering from a rare genetic disorder called myostatin related to the protein Myostatin.
Individuals with MMH often exhibit rare strength and are said to be able to increase musculoskeletal strength by up to 50% compared to the average person without much exercise or training.

Liam Hoekstra – In ’99 a story about a boy that had more muscles than his father surprised millions of people around the world. The thing is that at just four years old, Liam is 6 times stronger than kids his age.

Yang Jinlong

7-year-old Jinlong pulls a 1.85 ton car

This boy from Chuzhou, Anhui province, China pulled a cart with ropes and carried a 100kg sack of cement when he was 7 years old. The boy quickly became a celebrity in China and around the world. The boy’s strength can pull a cart with a rope wrapped around his waist, lift his parents on his shoulders or carry heavy sacks or bags of cement.

C.J. Cummings

A 2015 Wall Street Journal article called CJ Cummings the ‘LeBron James of Weightlifting.’

At just 14 years old, C.J. Cummings was able to lift 100 kg. Currently, he is only 15 years old, but has already broken the world record in the 175kg class. However, the site competition is not global, so he has an official title. In addition, he has won more than 18 national records in the United States and aims to beat many world records.
In the video below, you can see 10 Strongest Kids in the World
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