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Have you ever wondered how to cut wood from a tree tens of meters high from above?

Tree Cutting Job

The following article will help you use the most effective overhead branch cutter:

If cutting branches overhead, using a ladder will be quite dangerous for the cutter. Instead, they used an overhead branch cutter, which used a telescope to be able to accurately capture the tall branches while we were still standing on the ground.

Lumberjack with saw and harness pruning a tree. Arborist work on old walnut tree

Workers are equipped with protective gear to ensure safety. They mark each log to be cut and fasten it around the area so that when the cut is complete they can pull the rope to bring the cut down safely.
The reason for owning a portable mini wood saw is because the machine usually has a compact design, light weight, so it is easy to operate, without causing difficulties during use. And when at height, using the machine will help control the saw accurately and safely.

Tree Dismantling

Their work is very dangerous, requiring health and hard work as well as ingenuity of the workers
Super impressive. Cutting trees is truly an art form, especially in such a tight space. I’ve seen a few people get knocked down from the start, and I’ve always been amazed at the level of skill and grace, not to mention the bravery.

Cutting trees is truly an art form

Your video is fascinating! I’ve never cut a tree in my life, but I love watching you work!
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Video resource : Otiss Machines

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