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Time to harvest grapes

Wine production depends heavily on the harvesting of wine grapes . When to harvest gʀᴀᴘᴇs is determined by the amount of acid, sugar, and tannin in the grapes, which is a sign of maturity. There are several ways to harvest and process grapes, including plucking, destemming, crushing, and fermenting. Each phase of the wine-making process is essential

Farmers harvest grapes

The harvest season can take place at various times of the year, depending on the location. While harvesting starts early in the year in the Southern Hemisphere, it starts in the Northern Hemisphere in or around July. When harvest is impacted by the climate because of heat, rain, hail, and frost.

Celebrating the first harvest of the year, genneral manager Mayacamas Olds ooks over a batch of pinot noir grapes at the Gloria Ferrer Winery on Arnold Drive

Harvest grapes by machine or by hand?

While some vineyards now harvest their gʀᴀᴘᴇs mechanically, many still use the traditional hand-selection approach. Both grape harvesting techniques offer advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, handling, and time.
Fermentation is the step that follows harvesting and destemming. Gʀᴀᴘᴇ juice is transformed into wine or another alcoholic beverage through the fermentation process. The fermentation process for wine goes through two stages: primary and secondary.

Plunging the grapes cap to extract color

The collection of wine grapes is one of the most crucial steps in the production of wine. Mechanical harvesting and manual harvesting are the two methods a wine grape grower might use to get the grapes off the vine and ready for the crush. Because of the broken skins, hand-picking enables more careful selection and often prevents oxidation of the grape juice.

The world’s favorite wine grapes

Mechanical harvesters are a fantastic fit for large vineyards that are situated on flat terrain since they enable a more productive, frequently less expensive, operation. In order to guarantee lower sugar levels, the majority of white wine grapes are harvested after the sparkling wine grapes. Red wine grapes are typically harvested second because they take a bit longer to ripen completely. The dessert wines eventually reach the crushing after extensive dehydration on the vine to produce a grape that resembles a raisin and has highly concentrated sugars.
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