Giant Machines Make Farmers Less Tired

With the world’s population steadily increasing, the demand for food is higher than ever. And the farmer must use the best machines to harvest his crops in the most efficient and effective way.

1. Challenger MT875E

Challenger history dates back to 1986 when Caterpillar introduced the first rubber-tracked agricultural tractor.

AGCO POWER 16.8L engines are used in all four models which utilize two-stage turbocharging, have electric waste gates, and allow for boosted HP. Caterpillar PowerShift transmission used is a drop box-less design, so there are fewer losses while still getting top fuel economy and performance.The MT875E is well-suited for the largest seeding, tillage and grain applications. The drawbar is Cat 5 standard with a drop down pin for Cat 4 implements. There is also a full range of electronic aids available, from Auto Guide 3000 to satellite-assisted steering.The view is 360# with clear sight lines to the tracks, drawbar and implements. Caterpillar differential steering is also utilized for control and comfort. The radio controls are mounted right on the steering wheel. Transport speed is up to 25 mph and to manually change gears, simple up/down buttons are used.The closed center system utilizes two pumps, with the second kicking in only when needed. Remotes are pressure flow compensation (PFC) and have interchangeable couplers. Challenger machines also utilize a hydraulic cylinder to put pressure to the undercarriage. The cylinder absorbs shock and smoothes out ride after hitting an obstacle.

2. Case IH9240 Combine Harvested

The 3000H On-Combine Grain Analyser is now available for delivery with the MY16 Axial-Flow 140 and 240 Series combines.

The Case IH 9240 combine harvester is a real source of pride for its creators. Being the most powerful and productive model, made by the reputable red brand so far, it leads the 240-Series. The series was added to the brand’s Axial-Flow® combine range last year. The Axial-Flow represents a single rotor technology, which became a significant breakthrough in 1977, and has been progressively improved since then. As of today, it is claimed to ensure careful threshing, minimum losses, delicate grain handling and excellent grain quality.
A distinctive technological asset, offered with the Case IH 9240, is the highest unload rate, which reaches 158.6 l/sec. This is the best result among all the harvesters in the market. Other manufacturer’s accomplishments include the updated engine cooling system and vacuum aspirated rotating wand on the stationary air screen that ensure optimum engine efficiency even while harvesting in high-debris areas.

3. Bourgault 7950 Air Seeder

Bourgault raises the bar for seeding and tillage gear

The Model 7950 has four main tanks totalling 950 bushels (33,477 litres) and full inter-tank flexibility. Bourgault Australia Pty. produces the world’s largest production seeding bar (a 3420 model with a 30m sowing width) and leading air seeder (L9950 model at over 33,000L) Seeding equipment like the 8000 and 9000 series seeding carts and the 4th Row and CRS (Custom Row Spacing) units which have been developed here in Australia.Bourgault Australia’s commitment to the Australian farmer hasn’t been limited to investment in real estate. Over the past 24 years, Bourgault has continued to invest in equipment that has been designed specifically for local needs. The company is continually seeking ways to improve its products and release innovative solutions.The Albury facility was purpose built in 2015 with a 4800m² workshop, office and spare-parts building situated on a seven-hectare block. Situated only kilometres from a major rail hub and backing onto the Hume Highway, customers can be assured that parts and service support and logistics are easily accessible.The PLR uses the same large 20.5′ diameter disc as the PLW (ParaLink Walking axle) opener. The PLR also has the same hydraulic downforce and parallel linkage, ensuring consistent seed depth in a range of conditions. FMS seeders offer sowing widths of 6m and 8m, and a narrow transport window of 3m wide by 4m high.

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