30m long trailer with amazing loading capacity !!!

Choose the right trailer for your freight and save money for your business by learning about the different types of trailers based on load capacity and purpose.
Trucks are the most commonly used means of transporting freight. Today, more than 80% of the total inland freight volume is transported by trucks. Inland fright transport not just makes transportation less costly but it creates millions of jobs in the process.
Trucks require trailers to carry the load. Trailers are the extra carrier vehicles you must have seen attached to the truck while driving on the highway. There are many types of trailers, each having a different load capacity and a different purpose.
A trailer has wheels but no engine which means that it has to be attached to a vehicle that has an engine to be functional. The right trailer can be selected depending upon the type of load to be carried. For example, if you have to transport any load that needs to be protected from sunlight, a closed trailer would be suitable for you. Similarly, if you have to transport load that is already enclosed in a container, a flatbed trailer would work great for you. Each type of trailer has a different use. You wouldn’t want to invest on a more expensive type of trailer when your load can be transported through a less expensive type of trailer.
The article would introduces TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER – The latest generation of lightweight extendible flatbed trailers at the Solutrans in Lyon.

The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is the latest generation of lightweight extendible flatbed Nooteboom trailers. Available with 2 or 3 hydraulically steered axles and with a single or double extendible load floor, extending up to a maximum length of 30m. The LONGRUNNER is particularly suitable for the transport of long self-supporting loads such as steel and concrete structures, but also for the transport of containers. The latest Nooteboom LONGRUNNER contributes to maximum transport efficiency and minimum running costs. An extendible TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER with a dead weight of just 7,300 kg is now available.
The LONGRUNNER is as standard equipped with hydraulically steered axles, including manual steering and the ASA alignment system. Thanks to the large steering angle of more than 50 degrees, the LONGRUNNER offers more transport efficiency, less tyre wear and excellent manoeuvrability. The TELETRAILER LONGRUNNER is available with a choice of tyre sizes, including 245/70R17.5, 435/50R19.5, 275/70R22.5 and 385/65R22.5. The customer can choose to have their trailer equipped with SAF of BPW axles and with drum brakes or disc brakes.
For the LONGRUNNER Nooteboom has developed a completely new TUV-certified head board. There are 9 versions available in different heights, completely closed or with an open frame at the top. These headboards meet the highest standard in the market (NEN-EN 12642 code XL) and are strong enough to stop at least 50% of the load capacity, up to a maximum of 25 tonnes against the head board. Safety first!
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